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Local Produce

Heritage Beetroot

First introduced by the Romans the baby beets that appear in May are one our our favourite spring treats. The days of pickled red beetroot are long gone, the Veg Men grow us a range of gold, white and candy beets that give our late spring menu a hit of earthy sweetness that will stop you in your tracks.
Fresh Veg

Broad Beans

If there was ever a marker that the growing season is well underway and that a bounty of produce is about to start flowing from the fields then it’s the arrival of the broad bean. Native to North Africa they are one of the oldest beans with a history dating back to the bronze age. A little fiddly for the chefs to work with but a delightful legume that always raises a smile.
Seasonal Produce

New Season Onions

The humble onion, not so humble when they’re as good as the Veg Men’s! Sown in early Autumn and overwintered these beautiful fragrant onions hit the restaurant from mid spring. With a beautiful mild flavour Liam and his team love to work with them because of the quality they bring to our dishes.
Spring Produce


A real marker that the growing season is underway and a hefty bounty is not far off. We love seeing the vibrant colours of the radish, from classic reds to the more unusual pinks, greens and golds they are a delight to behold. These crunchy, tangy morsels bring us an extra joy as the Veg Men also grow a range of radish seed pods just for. Liam and his team love to get their hands on them find new ways to incorporate them in to our dishes.


Fresh Veg


The Veg Men grow a small range of cucumbers just for us and they are a delight to behold. They focus on old traditional varieties that you just wont find in the shops, Dragon‘s Egg cucumber and Green Apple cucumber are two of our favourites but their stand our winner is the large Armenian cucumber.
Summer Produce

Edible flowers

Summer sees a wide range of edible flowers coming from the Veg Men, courgette flowers to pea flowers, chrysanthemum flowers to electric daisies, each week through the summer the range grows and give our chefs a chance to work some some of the most beautiful and interesting produce out there. Liam and the Veg Men work closely to ensure that the flowers bring flavour to the plate, if they don’t have something special to them then they don’t make it from the field to the kitchen.
Fresh Food

Heirloom Tomatoes

A rainbow of colours, a menagerie of names and a host of flavours make up the Veg Mens selection of heirloom tomatoes, from June to October our menus are a-wash with them. Growing over 14 traditional varities using the age old method of feeding the soil and letting the soil feed the plant, the Veg Men take great pride in their tomato crop. Picked on the morning of delivery these very special toms are allowed to ripen on the plant and not picked early like many commercially grown crops. The quality in flavour of these tomatoes all comes down to the farming techniques behind them.
Seasonal Food


Some are big, some are small, some are round, some are slim. We’d never seen so many wired are wonderful varieties of aubergine until we started working with the Veg Men. Their desire to search out the best heritage seed varieties really shows in the aubergines they produce. The best thing is balance of flavours they provide, ranging from mild and sweet to acidic and slightly bitter, when they are on the plate you can really taste the quality.


In Season Produce

Veg Men Salad mix

A mixture of field grown and greenhouse raised salad crops make up the Veg Mens amazing autumn salad mix. The buttery, fresh flavours of summer are replaced with a hit of mustard, earthy beet leaves and bitter chicories. Across the season anywhere between 7 and 14 varieties enter the mix with the reduced daylight hours making the growing slow but the flavour intense.
Fabulous Food

Main crop carrots

With the change in weather so come the arrival of the beautiful, big, crunchy main crop carrots. Coming in a range of colours their flavour is fantastic and get us in the mood for autumnal cooking. Red and purple varieties are said to be the oldest and native to Afghanistan and you’ll find them alongside the Dutch inspired orange ones and the beautify mild and sweet yellows.
Fantastic Food

Jerusalem Artichokes

Much maligned and misunderstood but something we wouldn’t be without. The Jeruselum artichoke is said to be the first ever cultivated vegetable and with a heritage like this it just has to be part of this list. The Veg Men wait till after the first frosts before they start to harvest them, the frosts develop the tubers flavour and give us something extra special to work with.
Local Produce

Kohl Rabi

This unusual look vegetable is a favourite of ours and we love to see it on the menu in autumn. Its sweet crunch ‘root’ is actually the stem of the plant and is widely used in Kashmiri cuisine. The Veg Men grow us both purple and green.




The lean winter months see the arrival of some monstrous squash in to our kitchens, one of the Veg Men’s specialities. Grown over the whole summer the fruit are allowed to ripen and mature on the plant, they are then stored away from the frosts and their flavours allowed to develop. The flavours they bring to our menus in winter are second to none, it’s like eating sunshine stored from the summer months.
Winter Produce


Winter leeks are sweeter and richer than those harvested in summer or spring, this is why we get the Veg Men to hold back part of their leek harvest till February. In Rome Leeks were said to be a favourite of Emperor Nero who believed that eating them helped improve his singing voice!
Fresh Ingredients


Oxalis tuberosa, a staple in South America that is making a come back in the UK. First introduced in to England in the mid 1800s this winter tuber is something truely special. Planted in May and harvested in December this slow growing crop adds something special to the plate in winter. Their psychedelic exterior leads to a lemon/apricot freshness, which can be eaten raw or cooked in numerous ways. The longer the tubers are left in the ground the better the taste, they are something definitely worth waiting for.
Winter Food

Cavolo Nero

King of the brassicas according to the Natural Veg Men and we couldn't agree more. This unusual cabbage is available throughout Autumn but at its best during the cold winter months. Sometimes called Tuscan Kale its dark green leaves are packed full of vitamins, minerals and most importantly flavour.
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