The Natural Veg Men are passionate about real food & growing it naturally. We use low energy, organic techniques to grow seasonal produce for local customers.

the natural veg men

We believe that the only way to reclaim our food chain is through education. To that end, we work actively to implement and promote good food practice; particularly within local schools. We are essentially at the heart of it all, friends who over the years have developed, amongst other things, a mutual love for great food.

Thrown in to that mix is a passion for positive social change, a concern for the natural environment and a shared horror at what is happening to our food supply. What we’ve seen, in this country, is a slow degradation of our capacity to feed ourselves at a local level. We are working longer hours and have become reliant on factory produced food. Food which is full of artificial ‘enhancement’, food which is flown in from all over the globe, food which is grown with only profit in mind.

Luckily for us, we’ve escaped the rat race and now we want to share our love for fresh, natural produce with local communities. We believe in our produce and we believe that over time, the quality of what we grow will win like-minded people to our cause. People who, like us, want to pull together, roll up their sleeves and ‘Dig For Victory’.

Product statement

We work hard to make sure that the food you prepare for your family is not only fresh and flavoursome, but sustainable and ethical too. This ideal is of fundamental significance to our existence. We have reached this juncture on the back of several years of hard work, research and evolution. We can say with confidence, and pride, that:

  • Everything we grow is of the best possible quality, grown seasonally and for flavour

  • Everything we produce is free of nasty, agro-chemicals that are bad for you and the environment

  • Everything we deliver is fresh, making it from grower to plate in as short a time as possible

  • Everything we do supports positive and sustainable change to the British food industry

Here at the Natural Veg Men we work the land to produce the finest fruit and vegetables we possibly can. We care deeply about how we do this and work tirelessly to manage the soil in a sustainable and responsible way.

Because of this approach we can look you in the eye and say, with pride and confidence, that the food we grow is not only good for you and your family, but good for the environment too. We believe that food should be grown in a natural way that supports biodiversity, looks after the soil and doesn’t damage the environment. To this end we use no chemicals whatsoever; meaning no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilisers. We manage our soils through crop rotation and natural conditioning; keeping fertility levels high by growing green manures (that fix nitrogen in to the soil) and by applying locally sourced green waste (compost) and animal manures.

We even avoid waste by composting any surplus. Our commitment to sustainability extends to the whole production process. We avoid the use of heavy machinery and instead utilise low energy techniques, meaning practically everything is done by hand. This does mean there are a few things we don’t grow (potatoes) but it keeps our carbon usage as low as possible and protects our soil from compaction. We are not currently organic certified as the land we farm on is rented; greenhouses in Ashton Hayes and a 1 ½ acre field just outside Frodsham.

The conversion process takes 2 years to complete and we will be moving sites next year. We plan to have one permanent site that is either on a long-term lease or belongs to us, once this is happens we will start an organic conversion immediately. If you have any questions, whatsoever, about how we grow please give me (Matt) a call on 07530807736. Our aim is to grow in a way that provides local people with genuinely fresh food that doesn’t literally cost the earth. Because of this approach and our commitment to it, we represent a truly sustainable and healthy option for the communities that surround us.

Healthy environment = healthy soil = healthy food = healthy people.


What we do centres around the strong belief that, as a society, we have developed an unhealthy relationship with food.

Through education we want to help young people better understand food and empower them to make informed, healthier (for themselves and the planet) decisions about what they eat. With this in mind, we work closely with a number of schools across Cheshire. We use our school veg box scheme to raise money for PTA groups and to foster a symbiotic relationship that is of benefit to the whole community. The pupils themselves get access to our cookery workshops and our help in developing a school veg patch. The ultimate goal for us being to broaden the food horizons of the next generation.

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