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Since our journey has begun we have not only found some fantastic independent suppliers, but some great friends who share our passion about fresh seasonal food and drink. Here are a few of our pals...

Januty Goat Coffee
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Jaunty Goat Coffee was founded in 2013 and remains a small, independently owned and operated coffee company, based in Cheshire. It was founded by a local family, which has over 40 years’ experience supplying the hospitality industry. With this experience, and our in-depth understanding of all aspects of the coffee industry, we can provide advice, training, support and, most importantly, the unrivalled quality in the cup.We are currently focusing on supplying our coffee to businesses in various sectors of the hospitality industry that wish to serve the best coffee possible. We are striving to elevate and preserve the quality of our coffee and are making every effort, by caring not only for the origin and quality of our products, but also the importance of offering the convenience of an economical supplier, to provide you and your customer with the best possible base for your coffee experience.An advantage of being a small independently owned and operated coffee company is our ability to offer knowledge and passion through education exclusively to our customers; our coffee training room facility allows us to deliver the immediate education that goes into making a great cup of coffee.So whether you’re starting up or have an established business in the industry, if you’re looking to upgrade the quality of your coffee, we’re confident we can help. We don’t want to just sell coffee; we want to work and build relationships with people who have the same passions as we do and are committed to serving great coffee.
the Veg men
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Based just 7 miles from us The Natural Veg Men are specialist market gardeners who grow a mix of heirloom and heritage fruit and vegetables. They share our passion for real food grown naturally. They use low energy organic techniques to grow seasonal produce for local customers, in other words there are no chemicals, no hot houses, no forced growing which in turn means that they only grow what is in season but it’s the tastiest, freshest and most organic produce you will find because it’s not filled with nasties! Continue Reading >>>
Edge & Son
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Our butcher is Edge & Son, from New Ferry in Wirral. We choose Edges because: They source directly from local farms within a 25 mile radius. They deal only in rare traditional British breed livestock. They work closely with farmers to produce the best free range, naturally fed, long lived stock which is second to none. They slaughter themselves in their own small but highly regulated abattoir ensuring animal welfare is a priority. They keep their meat impeccably in very high tech refrigeration systems. They have 6 generations of knowledge and it shows. They have also won RSPCA good business awards on a number of occasions and have been given the accolade of ‘Best Food Retailer’ in the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming awards; for, in the judges’ words, “they concern themselves with every part of the process from farm to fork”.
Fundamentally Fungus
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A specialist supplier to good quality independent restaurants and skilled chefs. The company is based firmly on sustainability and they only sell cultivated mushrooms, not mushrooms picked from the wild which are a diminishing resource worldwide. With 16 varieties, and some unique to Fundamentally Fungus, chefs have a whole pallet of textures, shapes and flavours to get creative with - and they do. Neither plants nor animals, mushrooms add a fantastically savoury/ummami element to dishes.
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These guys are on a mission to get the world drinking loose leaf tea one cup at a time. Their ethos lies in a great quality product, they are passionate about selecting the best organic and ethically farmed tea from all over the world which means they only source the fullest and tastiest leaves, flowers and herbs available, because quite simply tea tastes better that way.
Island Shellfish
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Island Shellfish specialises in supplying quality shellfish from the surrounding coastal waters of the Isle of Man. Based on the quayside in Port St Mary a very historic Manx fishing port they are ideally located for local boats to land their catch each day. Island Shellfish works in partnership with local fishermen to ensure their fishing methods are sustainable, combined with the Isle of Man Governments leading marine conservation measures this ensures that the surrounding waters of the Isle of Man are kept healthy and it also means that they can supply the highest quality and finest tasting shellfish there is on offer.
Los Dos Amigos
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Los Dos Amigos was formed in 2013 by “The Two Friends” Neil and Tim, who met 25 years ago when they were backpacking in the Greek Islands. Both have a love of foreign travel and over the years both returned to Spain frequently for business and pleasure, developing a passion for quality Spanish food and produce. Experience confirmed that Spain had excellent produce and one evening, over a few glasses of wine, a plan was hatched to source and import the finest produce Spain had to offer. Whilst having lunch in a small restaurant, off the beaten track, the friends dressed a salad with the house oil provided on each table. Immediately they knew they had found the right product with which to launch the brand. They traced the farm producing this Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil and a deal was done. The rest, as they say, is history… Los Dos Amigos are committed to developing relationships with regional and artisan food producers in Spain and offering fair support in making their excellent produce available to the British market.
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