Heritage Beetroot

First introduced by the Romans the baby beets that appear in May are one our our favourite spring treats. The days of pickled red beetroot are long gone, the Veg Men grow us a range of gold, white and candy beets that give our late spring menu a hi… Read More

Broad Beans

If there was ever a marker that the growing season is well underway and that a bounty of produce is about to start flowing from the fields then it’s the arrival of the broad bean. Native to North Africa they are one of the oldest beans with a history d… Read More

New Season Onions

The humble onion, not so humble when they’re as good as the Veg Men’s! Sown in early Autumn and overwintered these beautiful fragrant onions hit the restaurant from mid spring. With a beautiful mild flavour Liam and his team love to wor… Read More


A real marker that the growing season is underway and a hefty bounty is not far off. We love seeing the vibrant colours of the radish, from classic reds to the more unusual pinks, greens and golds they are a delight to behold. These crunchy, tangy m… Read More

Based just 7 miles from us The Natural Veg Men are specialist market gardeners who grow a mix of heirloom and heritage fruit and vegetables. They share our passion for real food grown naturally. They use low energy organic techniques to grow seasonal produce for local customers, in other words there are no chemicals, no hot houses, no forced growing which in turn means that they only grow what is in season but it’s the tastiest, freshest and most organic produce you will find because it’s not filled with nasties! vegmen.co.uk


With almost 40 years of experience, Adams + Russell have been carefully monitoring their roasting process to ensure they achieve optimal flavours, colours and aromas for each of their coffees. The beans are roasted using two traditional, artisan roasters that rotate over an open flame, sealing the flavour of the coffee inside the bean. The roasting house… Read More


Island Shellfish specialises in supplying quality shellfish from the surrounding coastal waters of the Isle of Man. Based on the quayside in Port St Mary a very historic Manx fishing port they are ideally located for local boats to land their catch each day. Island Shellfish works in partnership with local… Read More


Los Dos Amigos was formed in 2013 by “The Two Friends” Neil and Tim, who met 25 years ago when they were backpacking in the Greek Islands. Both have a love of foreign travel and over the years both returned to Spain frequently for business and pleasure, developing a passion for quality Spanish food and produc… Read More


Our butcher is Edge & Son, from New Ferry in Wirral. We choose Edges because: They source directly from local farms within a 25 mile radius. They deal only in rare traditional British breed livestock. They work closely with farmers to produce the best free range, naturally fed, long lived stock which is second t… Read More

Let us know the date, time and how many people and we will reserve you a table.

Let us know the date, time and how many people and we will reserve you a table.

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The Chef's Table


The Chef’s Table
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12pm-2:30pm / 6pm-9pm

12pm-2:30pm / 6pm-9:30pm

12pm-2:30pm / 6pm-9:30pm


Private Dining

Private dining is available at The Chef's Table for up to 24 guests. We’ll design you a bespoke brunch, lunch or evening menu, help you select the perfect playlist and take care of any speciality drinks you require. You have the restaurant solely for your party and our team will be on hand to take care of you and your guests. For more information speak to one of our team.

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